Jobs4U offers several services to help individuals with unique needs. These services include work readiness training, work experience, job development, job training and job coaching.

Courses & Classes

Jobs4U offers career exploration, work readiness training, work experience and self-advocacy for individuals with unique needs.​

Job Training

On-The-Job (OTJ) is defined as the opportunity for each individual to work and learn successful work skills while in a safe and secure environment. Jobs4U will pay minimum wage for each intern while in training, for a minimum of 3 months. ​

Job Developing

Developing jobs on an individual basis founded on each person’s skills, strengths, limitation in conjunction with their employment goal.

Job Coaching

Each ​individual receives one-on-one job coaching. The Job Coach offers assistance and support to each individual being served, as well as to the employer. The Job Coach fades out as the individual becomes more independent on the job.

Aluminum Factory

Scrapping For A Cause

If you are cleaning out your garage or basement, storage unit or cottage, replacing appliances (small or large), getting rid of old electronics and you have any items listed below, do not take them to the the dump, donate them to Jobs4U!