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My Birthday

So today, I am going to tell you about my birthday and my party. I woke up at around 7am and my roommate came to my room and tells me breakfast is ready. I went into the kitchen to get my breakfast. After breakfast, I went back into my room and listened to a church service. When people arrived at my house, they brought a whole bunch of gifts. We then start getting ready to make pizza. Each person made their own personal pan pizza. We let them bake and cool, before eating. While we were eating my sister showed up. Then I opened my presents. I got popcorn, a $50 gift card, hand sanitizer and a unicorn pillow that glows in the dark. I also received a drawing pad. Afterwards, we played bingo. We ate cupcakes and ice cream. Then everyone went home. I spent the rest of the day shopping with my mom. Then she took me home and I went to bed. I had a good day.

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