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A Change Of Plans

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I’m back again. We still have not heard from the White Wilson grant people. The wait is very frustrating. In the meanwhile, we started an LLC called PB and J, LLC. The plan is that this LLC will buy a building to be leased to Jobs4U for the purpose of the café. We have been in conversation with a realtor about a building in ValP that we really liked. After months of him not taking us seriously, we found Jackie an amazing realtor. With her guidance, we made an offer. The owner of this building refuses to entertain any offer from us. His goodwill and generosity appear to be nonexistent at this time.

We are onto Plan B. We are looking at land and another building. I will keep you posted on that. Impact 100 opens in March so we are on a time crunch to find a building or something. The committee is wonderful. We have some amazing women that have come together with one thing in common. We all believe in employment for all.  The ideas and dreams that are presented to me are overwhelming and exciting all at once. I want to help and be a part of making their dreams come true for their family and the rest of the community of persons that are special to us.

So, as I write this, I am thinking that there must be other people out there that are frustrated with the current available services and want to see growth and progress. I invite anyone to be a part of our beautiful future. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Sometimes, just a smile and encouraging word is what is needed and sometimes it is a thought. Remember, to make change there is no I in Team. I don’t want credit praise; I want action and ideas. Come join us.

Beth Ostroff Executive Director, Jobs4U, Inc.

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