How Can You Help?

There are plenty of ways to get involved with Jobs4U. We are always looking for volunteers, scrap donations, household items and more. We appreciate your time, skills, advice or anything you are able to donate to us. Below are a list of things that we are in need of at Jobs4U.

  • VOLUNTEERS - Please consider volunteering your time at Jobs4U or at events we participate in. Contact us if you are interested.

  • SCRAP DONATIONS - We accept all forms of metals, aluminium, electronics and household items in our scraping department. You can drop items off at our building or contact us to have large items picked up. 

  • HOUSEHOLD ITEMS - Consider donating any of the following items to Jobs4U; Small and large kitchen appliances, washers, dryers, water tanks, furnaces, vacuums, vent ducts,ironing boards, grates and vents, exercise equipment and more.

  • BOOKKEEPERS - If you are a retired and/or an active bookkeeper and have time to volunteer at our organization, we would greatly appreciate your time and experience to help maintain our books.

The Café Wishlist

Our dream of opening up our very own café is starting to becoming a reality. We have raised $1,650.00 in our GoFundMe, all thanks to our generous and loyal friends, family and supporters. We are beyond grateful! With the money raised we've been able to make a deposit on a building of our choice.Yay! Our next goal is to raise $2,570.00 for drive way material. If you would like to donate any recycled items, we are accepting donations of items in gently used and working condition. Please share with your friends and family and consider donating to our cause. We sincerely appreciate even the smallest of donations and sharing this link to your social platform as we work towards our goal.


Thank you!


  • Wood Deck

  • Crushed Concrete - Driveway/Parking lot material

  • Sustainable Garden Supplies - Garden beds, seeds, plants

  • Outdoor Furniture

  • iPads - Tablets used for POS system w/safety straps

  • Headsets

  • Cafe Signage - Building/Menu signs

  • Kitchen Equipment & Supplies 

  • Cleaning Tools & Supplies 

Jobs4U provides employment training and support to persons with unique employment needs, not met by conventional employment programs.


Founding Mothers

  • Beth Ostroff

  • Samantha Dean

  • Melissa Wheeler

  • Maureen King


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