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Jobs4U Work Readiness
Course Descriptions

Jobs4U offers In-person and Virtual Work Readiness programs to help you get, keep, and excel at the job you want. Throughout the 9 moduled course, you will be learning what jobs you are interested in, how to perfect your resume and interview, develop the necessary skills to effectivly communicate, problem solve within your preferred job and more.

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Module 1 
Intro to Pre Employment

Welcome to your first day of work readiness! In this first module you will meet your instructor, view class rules, and dive into self exploration for future employment.

Module 2

How will you be getting to work and back? Learn about the different ways of transportation, how to get to a specific location and safety rules.

Module 3
Consumer Benefits

In this module you will learn about the different types of employment. Also, what work incentives and benefits you may qualify for. 

Module 4
Managing Employer Inital Contacts

Learn how to keep track of the places you apply to and what information you will need to apply for a job.

Module 5

Learn step by step on how to fill out a job application. Review modules 1-4. What do you remember?

Module 6
Resume Writing

What is a resume? Step by step instructions on how to create a resume. By the end of the course you will receive a formal resume.

Module 7
Searching and Applying
For Jobs

Learn the tips and tricks of applying for a job. What is networking and how to safely apply for a job online.

Module 8
Interview Skills

In this module you will learn about the different types of interviews, the interview process and do's and don'ts for job interviews.

Module 9
Handling Conflict

What is conflict? Learn the many ways of how to handle difficult situations in and outside the workplace. Review all modules. What do you remember?

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