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Jobs4U Career Exploration Classes

What to do for work is one of the most difficult decisions anyone has to make.  Do you pick a profession in a hobby that you love or do you separate work and play?  Here at Jobs4U, our Career Exploration Classes help make that decision easier. Our Career Exploration classes will be offered in-person or virtually and in a group setting or 1-1. Check out below to see what classes we are offering.



Product Designer Class

This upcoming semester we are kicking off our Career Exploration Classes with Product Design. In this class you will be able to design your own coffee cups, serving trays, wall decor, Holiday Cards and more. You will be designing your products using Vinyl and a process called Decaling. Decal is the process of creating a design on a matieral, such as Vinyl, and transfering it using a techinique called weeding, onto a surface such as glass, paper, or metal.


This class is a two-part, 1-1 virtual class. The first class will be a 30 to 60 minutes long design session where you and instructor, Casey Drum, will design the decals you want for the products you purchase. Once the session is complete, we will mail the decals and products to you. Once the products arrive, there will be a 30 minute, 1-1 session or you can check out our How-To page to apply the decals to your products independently. 

To Register for this class please Book below.

Career Exploration Classes

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Healthy Eating Cooking Classes   

**Interested in Volunteering to lead a Career Exploration Class please click here to find out how to join.**

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