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Our Services

Jobs4U offers several Virtual or In-person services to help individuals with unique needs. These services include Work Readiness Training, Career Exploration,  Job Training, Job Development, Personal Support and Independent Living Skills Training.

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Jobs4U offers In-person and Virtual Work Readiness programs to help you get, keep, and excel at the job you want. Throughout the 9 moduled course, you will be learning what jobs you are interested in, how to perfect your resume and interview, develop the necessary skills to effectivly communicate, problem solve within your preferred job and more.

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JOBS4U Career Exploration Classes

What to do for work is one of the most difficult decisions anyone has to make.  Do you pick a profession in a hobby that you love or do you separate work and play?  Here at Jobs4U, our Career Exploration Classes help make that decision easier. Our classes will be offered in-person or virtually and in a group setting or 1-1.Click the Button down below to see what Careers Exploration Classes we are offering.

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