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About Us


Jobs4U is a 501 (c)3 non-profit serving persons with a disability in Okaloosa County, Florida. We believe that no matter the ability or age, everyone deserves to be a productive member of their community. 

At Jobs4U, all persons served have a diagnosed disability that may cause roadblocks to successful employment.

The Jobs4U team, will engage with employers to help them appreciate the merits and benefits of employing interns served by the training program.

Interns, based on skills and interests, will be trained in retail, sales, refinishing, refurbishing, trash to treasure, marketing, social media, learning to be self-employed, as well as other important tools to promote community integration. 


Mission Statement

Jobs4U will teach the skills needed to individuals to enhance vocational independence and promote growth within the community.

Jobs4U, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit serving adults with disabilities in Okaloosa County, Florida.

We take skills and knowledge individuals already possess and instruct them to be successful in the workforce within the limitations of their disability. Our gift shop, Just4U, offers products for sale to support our mission. Many of the items in the Just4U Gift Shop are refurbished, refinished, and made by interns participating in our program. Interns have the opportunity to earn a commission on each of their items sold in the Just4U Gift Shop. All proceeds from Just4U Gift Shop and classes sustain the Jobs4U training program.

Jobs4U also offers classes for the community in sewing and crafting as well.

Future Plans

Jobs4U is proud to announce the following plans we are working on :

  • Jobs4U Cafe

  • Employment Skills Training Program

  • Advocacy Groups

  • Independent Living Homes

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